Looking for work life balance advice.

Hey, so this might be an unusual thread, but I don’t really have anywhere else to ask for advice on this. I’ve recently started my first full time job, and I’m a bit daunted by the newfound time investment. I’m kidna stressed over the prosect of having to balance work, travel, spending time with family, and finding time to write fetish stuff. Maybe some of the older members of the community can give me some advice.

Well my Advice is you can do 30 mins or less of writing each day with breaks to rest this may help put less stress on you in fact you do not even need to write each day you can get a lot done working on projects a few times a week so that you can have days of no writing and more family time.

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You can do anything relaxing in your spare time like sleep. You don’t have to force yourself to do something if you’re tired or anxious.

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Try and get into the mindset of writing being something you look forward to doing. A means of respite from the pressures of work. Even as a brief window where you can steal time away for yourself to write a cheeky paragraph, some character notes or just some stray interesting though that sparks your interest.

If you feel writing as another burden then don’t try to force it as it’ll only lead to stress and a negative mindset tends to be more self-critical and less productive. We all have those moments when a bad mood makes you feel like you can’t write for beans, nothing good flows out and you hate yourself for wasting time on it.

The most important thing is to acclimate yourself with your changing circumstances. Even if that means temporarily shelving your writing, do what you can to get your work life on an even keel. A small break is not going to spell doom for your writing career and you may find yourself eager to get back into it after a break. Embrace that eagerness!

Writing when you feel inspired is an amazing feeling where you become unstoppable. All those time management woes and barriers that your stubborn brain throws up suddenly just melt away. Your brain will make time to write, as long as you don’t have to fight it to happen.


Quite simple. Put the fetish stuff on the back burner. Nobody is forcing you to work on it, and if you work on it only as/when you have the time, you’ll enjoy it more as you won’t be forcing yourself to do it.


Yea, I think you’re right I need to I need to be focusing on my readjusting to my current circumstances before I focus on anything extra. I think I’m gonna keep writing as a weekend/when I feel like it thing. I’ve been stressed enough trying to get used to this new normal of mine, so piling something else on top of that isn’t a good idea. Thanks for the advice.

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Thanks, I think that’s something I also needed to hear. I need to take things at a different speed here, and I can’t act like nothing has changed with my schedule being how it is now. This might have to be one of those “weekend only” things now.

tiggertoo is right (As always) when you think you have to make something each day it add more stress to your life in fact I use to make artwork every day but then I realize that I do not have to update everyday in fact when I update less I got more me time and my artwork got a ton better because I had more time to work on artwork also taking a break from fetish stuff is good, there are tons of people who stop making fetish stuff for a bit and then got back on that horse later in fact I am going to take a week off of making stuff very soon because MY health is WAY more important then any of my Fetish stuff.

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I just wanted to come by and thank everyone for the advice. It’s been hard adjusting, and I apricate everyone who took their time to help me out.