Looking to get into RPG maker. What should I buy?

I’m looking at getting into RPG maker and I was curious what people would recommend. There seem to quite a few versions to buy. Also any recommendations on where and when to buy it? (ie. does it go on sale occasionally?)

Thanks for any help.

I recommend “RPG Maker MZ” since it is the last one RPG maker and have useful features if we compare with old versions. Also, most popular plugins for RPG Maker MV you can use in RPG Maker MZ by using “FOSSIL” plugin. You can buy RPG Maker MZ in steam when there will be discount. Usually there is discount on steam each three months. For example there was discounts on Spring Sale and Summer Sale. Or if you don’t want to wait for steam discount I guess it would be cheaper to buy a key on some sites like g2a.com for example.
P.S. If you live in Russia when there will be discount RPG Maker MZ would cost you $15 USD.


To @coldsteelj ‘s point you can use Steamdb to look up info on things that are on steam, including price history. Most of the Rpgmaker stuff was just on sale for the summer sale. And you can see the lowest prices it’s been and when to get an idea of the cost.

Of course you can grab deals other places as well buy steamdb will give you an idea as to when it will go on sale for steam and the expected price.


Don’t endorse g2a, they’re scammers.