Love is the Way to my Heart Project Files

So since Love is the Way to my Heart has been abandoned as of December 2023, I posted a compilation whatever work I could recover from the project over the years for posterity. I figured I should also post the compilation in a new thread so that the files would be easy to find for anyone who wanted to try restarting the project or learn from our mistakes.

Here is a zip file containing all of the project documents, including comments from the editors and project leaders:

And here are the two most recent builds of the game from when I was working as a coder on the project:


Thank you for your work, a tragedy that this fell through


can’t playing? just file? sad…

Seems like there isn’t anything beyond the first day and packing lunch. Is this right or is my version just bugged? Feels bad if it’s the former.

I am sad to say your version is not bugged.