Loveshandles Garbage Gamejam G'entry - Quiche Quartet

Well it’s not much, but it’s functional and I’ll feel like I just wasted the last 2 weeks if I don’t upload it, so here ya go! Quiche Quartet!
It’s a twine game where you serve as “mission control” for a group of adventurers as they explore the monster-infested ruins of Quiche Keep.
You can train them and tell them when to use items but other than that combat happens semi-automatically and most events don’t call for your input either.
So assuming it doesn’t collapse in on itself upon you opening it, enjoy!


Welcome to club Die-hard! I’ll check it out when I get through my stock. Either way, I praise you for committing to your project.

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I’m not sure if the game has an ending or not yet, but it’s certainly descriptive! How combat is broke down with what damage was done to who was hard to read with it all spaced out like it was, and I feel like navigation could have been a little better. As in, going into the Tactics room and then choosing a party member only to be sent back to the main menu afterwards is slightly annoying if upgrading multiple characters, as it probably should have looped back to the Tactics room. It’s still is a nice entry, and mayhaps you continue and refine it? You did a descriptively good job!

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I agree also to me atm its repetitive with just a few events

slime battle, rat battle, feast, treasure hole, wizard man? (literally just stopped and brain failing me) for the battles I mostly got slimes also the healing items don’t heal some bug about no hp amount given to heal (I think not a coder)

Okay, I’m mad cause I just accidentally deleted the long wall of text I was gonna post, so I’ll keep it relatively brief.
Firstly, thank you all for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated! Secondly, I do plan on continuing to work on QQ. I’ll make a new project board at some point, though probably not until I have a playable update ready (est. 3-4 weeks? Don’t hold me to that).

Thank you for the kind words!

I’m a fan of g2g so I appreciate you checking this out! The messiness of the combat window was a casualty of the time I spent getting it to work in the first place; having it look presentable is one of my highest priorities going forward. I also see what you mean with exit choices, those need some fixing too.

Again, wasn’t enough time to get more battles/events in there, only a fraction of the ones I’d planned made it in. As for the healing items bug, I thought they were working fine but apparently not. I’ll have to check that later, thanks for telling me.

So yeah, thanks again and condolences to the like ~500 people who played/downloaded it.

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Just wanted to leave a note saying I loved this intro to a very promising game! The descriptions were stellar and the UI made it very easy to know that was going on (save for the battles and the amount of empty space and developer info). Not sure if this is something you were wanting to continue, but I would very much enjoy a more fleshed out version of this game!