Made a 3D fan model for practice, wanted to share as my introduction

Hi everyone, finally decided to create an account after a long time of lurking.

I got bored one day and decided to create a 3D model from a reference to practice using Blender, and I wanted to share the results here.

The character I used is the robot girl from Burger Kurger’s game BIG TIME. It seemed like an interesting model to create, especially since I didn’t have to worry about the horrors of modeling hands and feet.

After many hours of work, this is what I was able to make.

It was a fun exercise, and I learned a lot from it. Though there is definitely a lot of room for improvement (especially with the texture painting and hair).

Nice to meet you guys, and if anyone has any comments or critiques, I would love it hear it.


Looks great! Pretty faithful interpretation of the design honestly.

If I had to point to anything that I’d maybe change; the apex of the arch on her back from profile view feels a tad low, and I’d maybe shift her shoulders back just a tiny bit as well. That being said it really looks fine, that’s just me stretching to pick at something.

Cool first post! Would love to see more work from ya’ in the future~

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