Made a WG Artist Tier List

I posted this here before, but the thread was closed because at the time, tier lists were causing moderation problems; however, I assume this is no longer the case as I posted a wardrobe malfunctions tier list on here not too long ago and that’s still up. So here it is:

Let me know if there are any other artists I should add

The issue is not from tier lists in general it’s the content of them. Ranking artists and games within the community can honestly cause unintended discorse that lead into issues as it has in the past as it’s more of a “hot button” topic. While slightly off topic for the site this type of post has been avoided because of previous issues, while other tier lists have been allowed due to the content of a different topic and “lower stakes” said post discusses. Like the wardrobe malfunction, kink, and other such tier lists posts.

Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience on the matter as such this will be closed down.