Magic proxy cards?

I’ve been mulling this around in my head for a while now… I don’t really have the means to do this myself, nor am I asking someone to do it for me, but it’s an idea I’ve thought about for a while.
I’ve seen people on the internet selling custom Magic token cards & have even used art cards as proxies for cards I do not own, but plan to get. I’ve often used MSE2 to create Magic cards featuring WG, BI, etc. in vain attempts to create my own sets or card games. However, I had the thought of what if somebody could actually print usable proxy cards? Customized cards are a thing, though their legality can be questionable, but I thought it would be awesome to have cards I use feature artwork that I like. I often will use the Japanese artwork planeswalkers from War of the Spark because their artwork is more often than not gorgeous compared to their English counterparts, but I have the English cards in my pile of tokens so I & others can read what they do. I also prefer to use cards with different artwork when using multiple copies of the same card for more visual variety. I don’t know how feasible all of this is & I don’t expect anyone to say they’ll do it for free or even at all, but I can see this being a service I would definitely utilize when I have disposable income.
What are all your guy’s thoughts on this? Please let me know & God bless you all!

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I print proxies to play commander. I found a cardstock that’s at the right weight and I just throw that in sleeves after printing and cutting. As long as your playgroup is cool with it it’s all good. Tournament play is certainly not legal.

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How do you print them?

I use this site if they’re ‘real’ cards Magic Set Editor has a way to export a PDF that prints cards at the right scale. I print them just on a normal printer.

IIRC, the real cards are on some fancy 350gsm paper, so if you can find paper around that they’ll feel the same in sleeves. I think there are places you can get more convincing fakes (bordering on forgeries) but I’ve never checked that out myself.