Magical Battler game

Mahō Shōnen: Magical Battler by CæsarCub I’ve found this game on it’s got tons of characters that are fat and in the game you get to befriend almost every single NPC and level up their friendship. It’s a rpg game as well


This game is great, but the first thing I noticed was this is the exact same music as that one game “magical seed garden”. I don’t know, just found it funny lol.

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What’s magical seed garden about?

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Well, I didn’t read the tags right, and it’s a female plant weight gain game. I mean, the creator definitely put some work into it, but personally, I’m not really into plant girls (or girls for that matter)

If you’re into females, I’d recommend this game, but for those into male weight gain, I would highly advise against it. And, it can be found on this website, if you’re interested.

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hey the title has a typo
i was expecting a game about some magic fattening batter or like batter from OFF getting fat or something


Yeah I don’t really like female weight gain either


I second that.
Hopefully as the site grows we get more great content.


Just to be clear, it’s totally okay to be not into women, but it’s not very productive to go into threads and announce that you’re not into what the creator is offering.

That falls under FAQ - Weight Gaming


Yeah, that’s a good point now that you mention it, thanks for reminding me!

(I say remind, because I already knew this, and because of that, I am dearly sorry for any mishaps I may have caused.)

Could you please be more precise next time you say someone is breaking a rule maybe reply to them because you may be causing stress on others who didn’t do anything wrong and that could scare them from replying at all for a while. Sorry if I sound rude but it’s happened on many other sites where my friends end up leaving a site for months because they thought they did something wrong

My post was referring to anyone coming into a thread just to post that something doesn’t mesh with their personal preferences.

Thank you for clarifying that I got confused when you put the part about what the creator is offering