Main Project - Untitled, Monster Romancing Psychological Horror Game (Twine Project WIP)

Even the (temp) topic title doesn’t fully explain what this game is
The game will unleash all of my gross cosmic horror transformation and mutation ideas combined with plenty of very interesting fat fetish creations (and trust me when I say I have so damn many planned, I truly mean it) and in case you don’t know what that is you can look forward to lots of transformations involving tentacles, deformations, slimy descriptions and a chockful of gross transformations.

This game will take a moderate amount of inspiration from the fetish game “Insatiable Hearts” while still keeping a
plentiful of originality

Plot: You are a deceased person not a soul that got rejected from both heaven and hell and earned a spot in the bliss a hidden land of the most strange, not only do you have to survive as long as you can but you also must live a new yet successful life in the bliss either by finding love with a creature of your choosing or by changing your own body as you see fit and use yourself as your own way of success

{When I have more to go on this topic will get updated}


keep up the great work soon enough you get good progress

Isn’t this like, your third or fourth project? You might want to slow down a bit.


Ngl, I LOVE the idea! Like you can mix wolf and kobold or more while being really fat

oh this seems great, i will watch this with much intent

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No I stopped the others now I only have two projects being worked on this one and a different one

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