makin' some noise

Hi there folks! The name’s Post-Bop! I’m a media composer/sound designer, and I figured I’d pop on in, since I’m involved already with several projects on the site!

At the moment, I am the composer/general audio person for Dr. Blackjack’s various visual novels, including the DDLC WG fan-game from last year, as well as the upcoming KonoSuba game. I edited audio, as well as provided original music when appropriate.

My remixes for DDLC can be heard here!

A snippet of my work for KonoSuba can also be listened to here!

Beyond this I’m working with 8FineCookies as part of Team Poppu! I’m scoring original music for CornuCorpia, Soul Food, Food Out, and generally whatever our group comes up with!

A short snippet of my stuff can be found in this teaser!

Outside of interactive stuff, I’ve also coordinated with Swell Reads to do music for his various videos and other productions. My most notable one is probably this.

But yeah, I just kinda like makin’ noise. :eyes: If ya need any help on the noise-makin’ front, hit me up! Maybe we can work something out. I always like doing what I can for people!

Oh! Before I forget, I also have a Deviantart.


FINALLY! Quite a few folks, myself included, REALLY wanted that Doki song! THANK you for this, THANK YOU!

Haha, well I’m glad you like it! I wrote about 30 minutes of remixes for that game, actually. All of them can be directly downloaded here.



Also… the full link doesn’t become a link. XD

What’s the source for that song image? For the Monika WG Your Reality parody? I know the artist is Kurocaze-s, but did they post that image somewhere?


Music is always something that people tend to overlook in games, but it’s a wonderful tool to set the tone of whatever is happening on the screen, and if done well will always amplify the overall experience!

Welcome to the site! Your work is really top notch, I look forward to seeing more of what you can do!

Welcome to the forums.

… If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your DAW of choice? I’m kind of stuck with LMMS right now, but I keep being told it’s shit. Bosca Coeil looks… Interesting, but janky. Rytmik’s on sale, but it sounds like it’s also kind of bad. I just want to tinker with stuff and I’m not sure I can justify spending $100+ on something that I won’t take seriously.

hey! always cool to see new composers 'round these parts, welcome!

Hey there! Always happy to help with audio-related questions! My current DAW is Digital Performer. It’s been around since the dinosaurs, but it’s high quality software, especially if you focus around scoring to picture.

For a beginner DAW, I would highly recommend looking into Reaper. It’s got just about as many high-end features as the big names, but its price is really reasonable- $60.

Also, thank you everyone for the warm welcoming!

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I’ve seen Reaper get thrown around a lot, so I guess I’ll look into that. Thank you.

Second dumb question: Am I just imagining that things sound shittier in LMMS? Or do all virtual instruments ultimately just not sound good? Or is the fault with me entirely? I need to know if I should be managing my expectations or not.

Well it really depends on what instruments you’re using! Most instruments built into DAWs aren’t that good- the one exception I consistently hear is Logic. Apparently it has some decent sounds, but even then I don’t know many musicians who stick to those patches exclusively.

Going beyond that, we’d be talking about third-party sample libraries, which is an entirely massive world and industry unto itself. It can get pretty confusing and complicated. One thing I always recommend to those who want to dip their toes into things is EastWest’s Composer Cloud subscription. It’s an opt-in, opt-out program, where you pay a flat fee once a month, and gain access to the entirety of EW’s catalog.

This is professional stuff, and got me through a lot of gigs in college. You’ll never really be stuck not having an instrument. It’s got most everything covered. You still probably need to fiddle around to make it all sound realistic, and there are more powerful options out there, but those involve dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I only suggest doing that when you’re really invested, and are feeling constrained by the options presented here.

A lot of the realism in samples however comes from how it’s all recorded. Generally, if you can help it, performing the tracks live, as opposed to step-recording, helps humanize the music greatly. There’s also expression, and use of vibrato to consider when appropriate. I’m a big fan of Christian Henson from Spitfire Audio, who’s gone over that subject matter a fair bit.

This is probably all pretty overwhelming, haha, so I apologize for any confusion or frustration. It’s quite a lot to take in, so if you have more questions, I’d gladly answer them. I think the important take away however is to aim for baby steps. You pick up skills and abilities little by little.

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[Insert Generic Greeting] new person. Welcome to this place.

I… Think I’m good for now. I guess I’ll feel my way around Reaper’s demo for now. Before I spend any money, I should make sure I can grasp music theory and basic workflow. Thank you very much for your time.