Making a game in quest, any tips?

I’m going to start making a game in quest, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. When I get a beta finished I’ll be posting it in the projects section, but for now, I wanted to ask if anyone has any tips for me before I start. It will be a Weight gain game, so I was hoping someone could tell me how to implement that into it, other than that I don’t know much about quest but it’s been easy to start so far.


@Billybobjoe88 Please make it MAC compatible. OR on

Good luck. I don’t actually know a lot about Quest, unfortunately, but I’m sure there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that will give you an idea how things should work.

Quest is easy and beautiful for it! Feel free to contact me along the way with specific questions. My only advice would be to practice making a weight gain game with multiple endings and short arcs as either a practice run or your first project. It helped keep me from getting too ambitious, maybe it will for you, too. Good luck!

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Quest seems like a super friendly and powerful (as far as text adventure goes hehe) engine!!!

I’ve tried a few times but I can never manage to get a weight gain system working D:
If you find a way I’d love if you could tell me ! Best of luck and wishes!

Having a slowly digesting stomach is the hardest concept I’ve come up with. I set a “stomach” integer attribute to the character and a string list for the stomach’s contents. I would also have a “maxstomach” attribute to indicate the maximum your player could ingest before taking damage. Each food item has a “capacity” integer attribute that refers to the total amount of space it takes up in the player’s stomach and a “calories” integer attribute to refer to how much weight is gained. Then, every turn/second/in-game unit of measurement for time or what have you, it would digest one unit of capacity from the player’s stomach and transfer the correct amount of calories to another player integer attribute I just nicknamed “energystore”.

So, when “energystore” would hit a certain value, determined by another integer attribute “metabolism” - say 30 units - one pound of fat would be added to the character. However, exercise lowers the “energystore” integer, too. When it reaches a negative value equidistant from zero to “metabolism” - for example -30 units - one pound of fat would be deducted from the character. I wanted to experiment more with ways to make someone more / less prone to putting on fat, though, before I did anything with that concept.
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There is also keeping “stomach” and “maxstomach” but adding a room for the player’s belly contents. Then, have a time skip where the character gains weight. This would be for a more story-driven game. It’s simpler and I have a soft spot for it.

The former method feels like it’s for a RPG, and the latter method feels like it can be used as a sort of puzzle game. Just two ideas I’ve experimented with! I hope you can do something with them, improve them, and/or use them to inspire your own text adventure! Quest games are definitely some of my favorite to make and to play, so don’t be put off and keep trying!