Making a Lil Sim/Tomagotchi style thing, Want Thoughts

Howdy yall As you can see in the image this is what I’m thinking for the game, these are mainly notes for my self at the top of my Main cpp file, just to keep focus. thought I’d share and ask for opinions and somesuch maybe guage interest. I’m making this entirely for myself but will post and share the process just cause it’s fun.


Sounds like a neat little project! The WG fetish could use more tomagachi-likes. I’d love to see a demo.

If you want to get the project done fast, it really would be better to use an engine. The popular general-purpose ones will be plenty efficient enough and allow you to do everything you could think of.

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Thanks for the advice, I was thinking about using an engine like Godot, but this is more of a speed coding project rather than a speed project itself if that makes sense. It’s more about having fun and seeing how fast I can get a little software out even while I’m busy. I’ve got most of the main bits working already albeit without real images. it’s a pretty simple concept after all.

Anywho As thanks for responding here’s some progress I made,

The real difficulty would be with the Rhythm sections and that’s if that’s really the minigame I’m going with for the work section. The work section could really be whatever at this stage after all.

(Tried to put more images but new users can only post one at a time so I’ll post more tomorrow when I get a bit more done, maybe throw some quick sketches in as well)

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Ah, I think I get what you mean. Sometimes it’s fun to just make things that do things, and what is does is almost an excuse.

I think a rhythm game would fit well for a “work” section. Games have done that before and I liked it, anyway.

Putting on my user/WG fan hat, I really wanna see a sprite! Even a placeholder that doesn’t have any weight stages would be interesting.

I like the quirky sorta-pixelated font on the upper left! What’s it called and where did you get it?

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The Font is Grixel Acme 9 You can get it from here Grixel Acme 9 | might get some sketches done tonight if I’ve got some time, will post if anything good comes out of it.

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Yeehaw I come bearing news on this fine and dandy Monday!

I’ve got everything working!!! (The work minigame still needs more work though) The only thing I really have to do is pretty things up and make all the stages for your girl and maybe actually design her. Well that and finishing the rhythm section. I’m also unsure if I should move this development stuff into the projects category or if I should just keep it here until it’s complete.


Ooh, it’s coming along nicely!
I think the time to move the thread (or make a new one?) is when there’s a release for people to download.