Making a twine game (cause I'm kewl)

Why hello there beautiful people of weight gaming! :slight_smile:
I am THE_DIALOUGE, and I am making a twine game, like how the title mentions! I’m gonna cut right to the good stuff, like what’s in the game:


  • Character creator (I love games with highly customizable character creators)

  • Skill trees and classes (because being able to call yourself “a Tank” is a lot cooler than calling yourself "a guy who can take a lot of hits”)

  • Male AND Female player choices (I like variety in games, and a lot of times the appeal for me depends on the mood. So in this game, why not both?)

  • Money (because capitalism)

  • Stereotypical and non-stereotypical gaining (kinda don’t feel like explaining, but will become evident in the game when it releases)

  • Toggleable fetishes (YES, because since variety is such a key thing for me, this way, everyone can get a taste of what they love)

  • High weights (this will be one of the toggleable things in this game, but yeah, when I say the characters can get heavy, I mean it)

  • A very nice brick (his name is Paul :> )

  • Bosses (because it’s the only kind of combat most people actually care about, no one wants to just fight the same run of the mill joes all day)

  • Leveling systems (waaaay more fun to be an overpowered high level god than a fucking plebian)

  • Debug mode (once you beat the game of course :wink: )

  • And more things if I can remember them!

Now, it’s worth mentioning that if enough people want a certain addition to the game, and I also kinda like it, I’ll (probably) try to add it. Just don’t feel glum sorry for yourself if I your request is never added, or is outright ignored. I’m sorry if so :[

Now then, I do have one teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy-widdle-piddle-giggle-shrivel-snivel-small problem, which is I have no clue on the setting of the game I want. As in, like fantasy, realistic, the background of the land, what the land is to begin with, etc. So because I can’t be bothered to figure it out on my own, that means YOU get to choose! That’s right, YOU, YOU sitting in that chair, reading this on the screen! Feel special, feel great, feel important! What’s the reward for doing this for me? Gratification for being nice! Now get voting!

  • Fantasy setting (you know, wizards, dragons, swords and magic and shit, the whole package)
  • Modern (guns, cities, the or maybe even no combat all together. The, in my opinion, less fun choice, but I could be wrong)

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Ending the poll about 24 hours from this original post, so have fun!

Anywho, kinda running out of things to say rn, so I’ll leave it at this. Maybe I’ll come back and add some more cool little snappy phrases later on, I dunno. Ah well, I’m gonna go take a shower, but I look forward to the results!

Edit: Just noticed a typo in the poll for the Modern option, but I can’t change it since it’s been more than five minutes, but basically when it says “the or maybe even no combat all together”, it’s supposed to say “little or no combat all together”


What are the various fetishes you want to include?


Honestly? The big ones are definitely gonna be these:

  • Weight gain

  • Extreme weight gain

  • Stuffing

  • Air and water inflation

  • Vore (as far as how hard the vore goes, I might make it an adjustable option if I can)

That being said, I am ultimately open to other fetishes, those are just the MAIN ones I 100% want to add. And while I may not just add any fetish (for example, I’m not into feet, so it won’t be added), if I do add more, it’ll DEFINITELY be a toggleable option.


Just to chip in a bit but if you’re looking for enemies and are going fantasy maybe just have a look at some DnD monsters. Now not all of them would be suitable for various fetishes but theres potential.

Just some recommendations

Mimics - classic, you could probably do some weightgain and/or vore encounter with this. Most mimics have tresure but maybe your one(s) could also have a feast to lure the protagonist
Driders - basically spider centaurs, up to you on what to do with them. Maybe some fattening venom idk
Behir - This one specifically would be a boss fight. They’re essentially a giant dragon snake, can’t fly and has 12 legs. idk how much of a ‘ratio’ you might have of fetishes in the game but I’m mainly suggesting the Behir for its vore potential as thats what I like
Elementals - these would likely be for the air and water inflation. You could also probably make some made up ones as well. Why not a gravy elemental you find when sneaking into a wizards kitchen?

Best of luck on your project and looking forward to seeing it : )


As another Twine developer, I’d like to chip in with some of my thoughts.

First off, your feature list is very ambitious for a first game. I can’t fault your enthusiasm, but I’m all-too-familiar with building a vast and complex project inside your head, getting a start on it in the real world, then development slowly dragging to a halt when the excitement for a new project runs out. I’d suggest for you to start with a project much smaller in scope, so you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the engine.

Secondly, from your description, it seems like this concept is at serious risk of stretching itself thin. When you’re trying to divide development resources between everything a game like this could possibly do, that almost never creates as good of an end product as a game that knows what it can do well, and focuses its efforts on that. For Twine specifically, you can implement all the mechanics and skill trees and RPG genre-trappings in the world, but a text adventure will ultimately live or die on the quality of its writing.

I don’t say any of this to discourage you, I do look forward to seeing your work, I just want to offer this advice so that I can one day actually see your work, as opposed to having it languish as a WIP on a hard drive for eternity. It happens all too often around here.



Behold, the blasphemy of lactomancy! These homogenized horrors were formulated to pulverize and pasteurize in the name of their intolerant Milk Mages. Any who’ve tried to cream them end up torn in half… and half! This entry has been condensed for those who prefer to skim.


The results are in! And admittedly, as expected, the Fantasy setting won by a landslide. Truth be told, I was a little curious on how Modern would have gone, but ah well, we’re past that now anyways. With that said, congratulation, voters! The future setting of this game will be Fantasy!

That being said, I wanted to give a shoutout and thanks to @thujuht. That information was quite eye opening, as, if I’m being real here, I had no real clear direction of how I wanted the game to go before hand :joy:

So that is why, I now have a much BETTER understanding of how I want it to go, as of now, I plan to kinda tackle it like this:

  • Start by focusing on rough ground, aka: making something of an inventory system, some kind of small character creator, maybe a small area to explore and all that. No real weight gain elements or even real game elements at all in this stage.

  • Once I establish an actual ground, I want to start adding more small areas, enemies, maybe some npcs and a rough leveling system.

  • After that, I plan on adding the more quality of life things, like weight gain, classes, more advanced character creator options, the cool stuff. Also at this stage I plan on working on an actual story of some kind. (Want to mention, I don’t plan on this game being story heavy. It’ll still have a rough story to it for sure, like some kind of goal for you to chase after, but I want the game to be more up to the player on what they want to do)

  • From this stage on, I’ll mostly be refining current things in the game. Like, making weight an actual element to effect gameplay. Adding bosses, potentially even some kind of visuals. I also would want to make the menu itself to be much more easy to explore, and not just the simple little black screen twine screen, with little blue lines to click on to advance. (It is why I’m also considering actually using a different engine all together, but I’m still thinking on it.)

Basically, if you couldn’t tell, my hopeful process for this game is to start real small and simple, and over time add things. This way, I can not only get feedback along the way, but it’ll allow me to avoid tunnel vision and all that bad stuff.

Once again, big thanks to thujuht, as well as to all those who voted and added their ideas! I look very much forward to working on this game alongside y’all over the for seeable future! :grin:


good luck, I can’t wait to see how this turns out