Making an effort

Hello everyone! I’ve been a lurker for a while, and have finally decided to start making an effort to connect more with the community here. As part of me wants to get myself to open up to more people IRL, what better way to get started than by talking about the big things we like here?

I’m a software dev professionally and 3D modelling hobbyist, and after seeing all of the cool projects that come out of every game jam, I’d love to finally start developing projects of my own here (although it’s hard to find it in myself to do more dev work at home since most of my day is spent doing that at work TT)

Thanks to everyone for making this place so welcoming and helpful, and to all the devs hard at work fulfilling our desires, keep it up!


Welcome, it’s good to see you’re looking to connect with more people irl. That can be a tough venture but I’m sure the community here will make it easy for you :wink:.

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Welcome and good luck on your endeavors in game making!

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Welcome! Always nice to have another software dev join up! And ya I know your pain being a dev myself, takes a fair bit of determination (or stupidity in my case) to find the will to come home after 8 hours of coding just to do more coding lol.

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In the time since this post has gone up, things have been going great! I’ve started working on a rather large project on RPG Maker, and have just made my first project post about it on the forum. Here’s to hoping everything goes well *fingers crossed