Makuyama Release!!

The most recent character I’ve been working on has been completed and ready for public use. If you wanna try him out please give this a download. You can see him in action in the youtube video which will also have a download link for y’all.

I hope you have fun with him.

Download (Includes characters,stages and mugen):


I’m doing additional changes to the characters. Main Idea is to reused assets to create more supers.

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Whilst furry isn’t really my thing, the animation work here looks incredible, well done!

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You know this looks interesting, ever thought about having a character having a weight transfer skill? Where you siphon the weight from one of the heavier characters and be able to either transfer it to yourself or transfer it to an enemy (could even have it as an ultimate where said person siphons weight from multiple characters and transfers it into the enemy making them immobile and technically pinned

If you want quick weight gain and weight loss sequences, it’s probably not going to happen.
You’d have to make a new sprite set for every single character, and that’s extremely time consuming.

There is a character that could do that but it would be its own state. Not a buff for the rest of the moves are anything like that.

Yeah, if I did approach this suggestion it would be similar to the cursed states only. So the character becomes handicapped for a bit and can’t do their other moves for a bit of time.