Male or female feeder/MC?

Heya, I’m toying around with some ideas for a side project and fleshing out some characters. I was wondering what appeals more to y’all, a male or female main character? I feel like there aren’t a lot of female MC’s out there and think that could be an interesting avenue to explore. As the player you’d be feeding a girl so that’d set the game to be either F/F or M/F. I ended up with a rough design for each character and rendered them side by side. Personally I’m leaning towards running with a female MC. I’d love to hear y’all’s thoughts on which you’d prefer to see or just in general.
Render: Mc - Oceanaga1's

  • Male main character
  • Female main character

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I can’t unsee Jerma as the male render.

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There should be a neutral answer


I agree their should be something neutral

This forum’s preference swings female, so this poll just reflects that. Unless you’re willing to give the player a choice, I would just do whatever you prefer.

The problem with neutral answer is the character will need to be rendered and I can’t really do a neutral model. I considered doing a male and female model and you choose your gender at the beginning but this is a side project and I can’t dedicate the time to rendering both. :confused: