Male visual novel ideas

So i have have just been thinking about what ideas i have and how i could turn each of them into an interactive story. The only glaring problem is how on earth do i use software like twine or renpy .
also i really can’t draw but that’s a problem we’ll take care of another day.
first let’s get the actual coding sorted first.

so far i have a list of simple story ideas that can be expanded. any help would be greatly appreciated. I just wanna help add some more Male content in this sea of female stuff.

the prompts-
Here are some plot ideas i came up with
luxury resort
summer camp
sports team diet gone wrong
Kidnapped by a villain
a pet to a royal family
A pet to a gluttony god or demon
A College that gets its students fat
Werewolves becoming pampered pets
A college frat that fattens up its new members, maybe plotting to fatten up the sports teams?
Aliens fattening up people into pampered pets
A Haunted Castle or mansion
A cursed videogame or board game
A futuristic world were everyone is fat
And a few medieval fantasy ideas i still need to develop


Male stuff isn’t my thing, but the more game developers the better in my opinions.

There’s a ton of tutorials for both online that have multiple step by step paths that go through everything.

Renpy is based on python and Twine is Harlowe2. Depending if you have prior knowledge with either, pick the one that suits best. Python is fairly easy to learn and renpy does a lot of the back end stuff for you, so it’s a bit more beginner friendly.

Next, I would just design a couple of scenarios with linear paths to get a feel for the program. Test the waters so to speak.

Then from there, you can add branches and expand. Always aim reasonably. Overshooting or feature creeping will lead to inevitable burn out and frustration.

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yeah my main problem is a have a big grand unreachable goal. I look at everyone else’s projects and think that mine will never be that good.
but yes hopefully i can cook up something half decent

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Don’t be like that, just start with something not too big or at least something to allow you to dip a toe into it. A few of the ideas you have here can be done in a short visual novel, allowing you to at least get into grips with the writing and coding. Once you figure which engine you want, just take it slow and be ready for possible bugs that will pop up since coding is a fickled mistress where an issue isn’t obvious sometimes.

Edit: Nearly forgot, make sure you have a backup just in case. Trust me it at least gives a sense of security should something happen.

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is their is now another VN engine called Tyrano although i have not heard much about how it operates so i suggest doing alot of homework on that one.

as for the male weight gain visual novel you should certainly add a number of characters and routes for female weight gain aswell considering the demographic of the site even if the Male MC gains alot more than them just to draw people into reading it.

i also suggested a while back on another form on this site of a sort of call of cthulu steampunk setting vn if you really want to make it unique

I found Ren’py extremely easy to get the hang of - at least with the basics. Admittedly, I’m an ex-programmer, but this was a LONG time ago and I’ve forgotten everything I used to know about programming.

Ren’py has the advantage of being free - and very popular. There are any number of tutorials out there, and if you get stuck, you can all but guarantee that someone has posted a solution somewhere to whatever you’re having problems with.

As for writing your game, yes, start small. You can always add to it later. Where you’ll end up? Well, you never know until you try. My own game started off as just a couple of scenes with placeholder images and grew from there into the massive timesink that it currently is. Well over 2,000 hours work and I’m nowhere near finished :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s my first ever game (aside from a couple of unfinished text only adventures many many years ago), so even the smallest starter project can grow into something half-decent if you enjoy doing it and are prepared to invest some time into it. There’s nothing wrong with having ambitious goals as long as you realise that you won’t achieve them overnight.

@maldy suggests to add female weight stuff, but IMO, you should only do this if it’s something that you’re into. Yes, this’ll increase the interest in your game a lot, but forcing yourself to write about stuff that doesn’t interest you isn’t fun. And if it’s not fun for you then that’ll probably come across in your writing. Write about what you enjoy, not what others want :slight_smile:

Oh, and as @Seeker9043 says, back up everything as often as possible!

Those ideas sound great. It’ll definitely be nice to see some more male only content on the site with the amount of female only weight gain on it. Especially since I am only interested in male content so it will be nice to see some more on here.

I especially like the Haunted house/ mansion, Aliens fattening people and the resort one. Hopefully you still have interest in doing one of these ideas, it’ll be great to see what you come up with in the future, if it is still an interest to you. :grin:

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