Male weight gain idea

This is my idea it has to do with having the main character having other men wanting to go out with him you can choose who you want and they will gain weight depending on what you give/ say to them. there will be many body types with the skinny men being able to be the fattest out of all of them that is as far as I got this from a dream I had where a man decided to try and gain weight so he could go out with me.


Sounds good, hope that some game dev will base a game on that…

Not too long ago, there was an entire team making a VN (then later pokemon esque) game with those elements. Last I saw, progress was both glacial and circular so don’t get your hopes up.
If you wish to see such dreams come into reailty (or at least virtual reality) , start practicing a skill required to make it, art, writing or game dev.

I might just look into that thank you

If game dev/coding is where you’re looking, I’d be open to guide/help out.
Always good to see people take up the challenge of improving and creating.