male Weight gain themed games on Steam?

I’ve been searching for a male weight gain game on steam for a while but no luck anyone know games I could get that are male weight gain themed?


Honestly dont think there’s much of anything weight gain themed on Steam.
Maybe youll find something in the general games cathegory on here.

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The thing is I’ve played every game here based on male weight gain

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Then…I suppose youre out of luck x.x
Not a lot of people out there are making weight gain content for games in general, and even if they do its usually mostly female, as youve probably noticed.

Yes I have, it’s 90% mostly female weight gain games. But I’ve got some details about games in the works themed male weight gain. Although I do hope to find games beyond the games for general games on this site.

With modding I believe many of the Bethesda RPGs have WG mods that can be rejigged to do male.
If you are just looking for male WG games furaffinity has a lot but many are flash like Feed-a-Furry. Kobald Kare is on steam and the newer versions have male WG if you stay away from the female.
Bonfire has an deep character creator with bara guys, so fat is an option and there are fruit to change your traits. Nimmt_Aplha by akhara has inflation is that works for you.

There is a demo called tribal hunter, it’s not human but it includes weight gain as a primary game mechanic and I think the full game will be released soon!


I know it’s a bit of a “vanilla” answer, but The Sims modded to increase weight limits, and with a bit of personal roleplaying, can scratch that weight gain itch. I’ve used this mod with The Sims 4 before:

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That’s the game I know most about the game is going to be released on February 15th if not sooner I’ve already played the demo 3 times

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Try out Tribal Hunter on Steam, it’s around $14.99 last time i checked!

I’ve already bought that game on release date although I wish the game wouldn’t erase my data every time I try to 100% complete the game

Now that it’s been released, Smasher and The Will of The Thiccs is available 9n Steam!

Actually I’ve already bought that game as well but since I’ve played it so much the game only lasted 3 days untill I got all of the achievements but I am really excited about the free dlc and the new levels will probably be fun too

late reply but could you possibly link “Bonfire”? i checked on steam and google and cant find what youre talking about and it sounds interesting

There’s the main link.
It’s not on steam, yet. Don’t know why I thought it was.