Mana Tanks Skyrim for body expansion

Has anyone used mana tanks mod on Skyrim?

Does it work on the special/ anniversary editions?

I know it expands and shrinks the breasts as you gain and use mana. I want to set it to expand and shrink the whole body. Mana that makes you gain weight and lose it as you cast spells. is this possible?

It works, but with such a huge amount of caveats it may not be worth your time. The good news is that there as SSE version, which I’m sure works with SAE.

For one thing, it only works with certain bodyshapes; I think it’s only truly works with CBBE physics out of the box. In my case, I use 3BA.

(Sidenote: 3BA has a pair of sliders that would be perfect for Mana Tanks: The two BreastFullness sliders that are capable of some truly absurd sizes)

To get it working with other bodyshapes, or more specifically for your height-changing idea, you have to subject yourself to the horror that is SLIF; which is very poorly documented, and people on Loverslab are really crappy when it comes to actually, y’know, explaining solutions to problems that involve SLIF. People have worked it out, but when directly asked how they did it they just ignore the thread for the rest of eternity. Throw in the general lack of documentation and tutorials for SLIF and you’re looking at a whole mess of issues I don’t have enough hair left to look at.

Sorry this might not be the answer you might be looking for, but LL has something of a reputation in the Skyrim modding community at being a mess of interdependencies and shitty support on top of a modding scene that’s already a tangled mess. I might give it a poke later, but really don’t expect any solid solutions unless someone else here has it working for coincidentally your specific mod setup.

Edit: Digging into the original thread for Mana Tanks SSE highlights this best: The solution is, according to those that have done it, to edit the scripts. What scripts? They won’t say. How to edit them? Creation Kit. Okay, but how? Creation Kit. I’m familiar with some base level Gamebryo/Creation Engine editing, but it seems that LL users assume that you’re advanced level at the least because they won’t help you.


Hello, Did you get Mana tanks working with 3BA? Did you need SLIF?