March 2023 Income Statement

Good day everyone!

Sorry for the late income statement. My day job gets really busy the beginning of April since we handle US taxes so its usually 2-3 weeks of all hands on deck for the first part of April. Now that all that is done though I finally have some time to get this all sorted.

For the most part the situation is relatively the same from last month. We do expect to start seeing our expenses to begin increasing over the next couple of months or so though and are currently evaluating options to help minimize it. I can’t go into details here but we will be releasing an announcement with details once we are ready.

I want to thank you all for your continued support! Also, if you like what we are doing and wish to help support us more directly check out our Patreon!


Do you guys cover the difference out of pocket?

Yep, anything not covered by the ads and the patreon are paid directly by myself and @kilif


That doesn’t seem good. I’d hate to see the site close down.

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While the increasing costs of running the site along with the fact that our ad rev and patron has taken a really big hit over the last year does have us a bit worried, @kilif and I still feel confident we can continue to fund the majority of the site out of pocket atm and are always looking for better ways to control our costs.