Marie's New Job

You are Marie, a new hire at food and drug titan Unesca.
Nervous at the best of times, you’re going to have to navigate what the day throws at you, try your best to remain calm and make a good first impression.

A short branched narrative project I’ve made in twine for the jam.

4 Endings
Blueberry content
BE Content
Experimental substances
Violations of international food safety laws

Stretched myself by writing some material for kinks I haven’t dabbled in before.
Well, in a public capacity at least.


When I open the page, I get this error message, and the game just stays on a black screen.

And there’s no download option so I can’t try it outside of browser mode.

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I find a download option almost always fixes some bugs. I highly recommend including it. I download all my twine html games even if “I don’t have to.”

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Oh that’s not good. I’ll get a download version in right away.

If that fails as well, a cursory glance over some messageboards seem to point toward this being a cookies permission issue?

Yeah, it was on my end, I just had to disable Privacy Badger on the page to get it to work.

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That’s good news at least, hope the game ends up being worth the trouble for you.

For anyone else who has this issue, while most Twine games don’t work on Chrome, they do work on Edge. Y’all should try that.

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It was neat. I enjoyed the colour coding for the various options so you had some control over your ending path. Overall not a bad story!


I love your games, but it’s always sad when you get at the end of contents T_T


Thanks for giving it a read, I’m happy to hear the colour coding worked as intended.
I figured if I couldn’t spare the time for a long story I might as well lean into conveyance a little.


Thank you very much, that’s very kind. Sorry the story is so short, there was only so much time I could spare for the jam. I have considered building on this at a later date but I can’t really promise anything for certain.


It seems pretty hard to build on this one, it has too many choices / possible variations with the kind of modifications that might happen to the character down the line and it’s too dense description wise to have a whole game with this level of quality (not impossible, but certainly pretty challenging and time consuming).

Something like Donna’s Diner (that I saved on my PC too, since it’s a short and nice experience) or a bit more complex could work fine for a longer game (as long as it’s long because of actual content, not empty bloat).

But mine are just suggestions, I make games myself, I know the hardships and the fetish makes it very difficult to make something unique and engaging in the long term.

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I get what you mean, yeah it’d be tricky to give the same kinda experience in a longer form. It’d be totally unrealistic to just take what’s in already and extend it without pruning some narrative branches so to speak.

Maybe it’d be more worthwhile to treat it like a demo? Instead of extending linearly off the end of what we’ve already got, maybe giving the player a small space to more freely experiement with stuff in a similar fashion to the taste-testing segment could scratch the same itch in a more developed fashion?

I feel like an expanded version would work better by going wide and dense rather than long, y’know?