Mario Princess WG/Inflation Fangames

The only Mario princess fangames I know are a Java game called Pump Her Up, and the stuffing-focused Feeding Rosalina. If only there were more Mario princess weight gain or inflation fangames on sites like DeviantArt…


due to flash being shut down im afraid most games on that site are gone

also do you have a link to the pump her up game?

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Not really, but I do know that in the first few levels, you start with Pauline, who’s been around since 1981’s Donkey Kong arcade game.

shame but thanks anyways

Okay. Anyway, to tell those reading the truth, this thread was created in response to another thread regarding fangames based on a horror series I dislike created by Scott Cawthon known as the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, which served as the basis of a fangame posted on this site involving characters like MilkyBody’s Ms. Suki. The overall reason why I dislike the series compared to Mario, outside of the fanbase, is because of both the series’ use of jumpscares and the animatronics’ intent of stuffing the player into one of their bodies like a suit if they catch them, effectively trying to kill the player in a way (at least, in the first game). Since Mario is an older franchise than FNaF, it has its own fanbase involving the main series, spin-offs, cartoons, and even the popular YouTube series based on Mario known as SMG4 (of which I’m also not a fan of compared to mainline Mario). This thread was meant to quench a severe drought of Mario-themed expansion fangames since Flash’s deactivation.

Er… yes. It is a HORROR game after all…


Anyway, any more Mario Princess-centered WG/inflation fangames, even after Flash’s shutdown, that haven’t been made public?