Mark of the Feast (tamagochi/pokemon/digimon hybrid.)

So i’ve started development on a hybrid game.
I plan to roll-out development in stages.

  1. getting the tamagochi part down, feeding, cleaning, washing, bonding with a monster and getting them in the desired shape for combat.
  2. making a (simple) world to explore in top down view.
  3. implementing turn based combat a-la pokemon and an arena (or world encounters).
  4. cooking lessons with your monster to adjust their menu and their palette (but that’ll be late in development)

Now this explaination will be a bit messy.
But i’ll try to keep is condense, concise and concrete.

So first, how do you lose a battle.

  1. you get too full
  2. you get too fat
  3. you get too skinny.

How are these things influenced?
every turn you get to pick a meal for your opponent and your opponent picks a meal for you.
these are based on the type of monster you play.
A wolf would have savory meats with lots of kcal
A cardio bunny would serve you savory salads low in calories.
A dessert lizard would serve you sweet insects low in calories.
A mouse would serve you salty cheese high in calories.
then at the end of the turn or cycle digestion takes place
converting X% of the fullness bar into weight change depending on the caloric balance.
The bigger you are, the more capacity you have.
The lighter you are the faster you digest.

What makes combat interesting?
There’ll be around 5 elements, or flavours so to say.
Sweet, salt, sour, sharp and savory.
Arranged in a pentagram with a circle with the lines determining if a meal has more/less calories/filling depending on your monsters palette/type.
After thats done i’ll consider giving monsters unique stats, resistances and weaknesses.
And adding breakfast lunch dinner and snacks is also on the list to make combat a little deeper.

Share your opinions!
Ask your questions.
leave a heart if you’re hyped!
Submissions for monster designs/reference sheets are open.
Though there are some restrictions and requirements.
More about that in DM/my discord below.

And as a side note, this is still part of the bucculentus’ anthology.
So all code and assets are distributed freely on request and semi-regularly uploaded to mega.

(here are my scribbles about it)

Here’s my discord.

Here’s my patreon.

(im not very good at posting updates on stuff mind you.)


What’s this being made with?

If you manage it, cute cow-centaur dude.
Big horse bellies can be nice, hanging down. Supporting the bod when they get big enough.
Maybe the stats would be high base stomach cap but low tolerance for fat.
serves sweet milk from udder?

Could also be split into cow and centaur dude.


crashes here immediatley after seeing digimon SHUT UP AND TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY!!!

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Unreal egnine 4, with 3d models, animations and morphs.
I’ll try to keep it as light as possible though.

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Boy, am I ever looking forward to this. good luck!

P.S. this probably means nothing but I saw someone else give an idea for a monster… so maybe a jellyfish of some kind that serves jello (maybe toxic?) could be cool. Nomura’s jellies or blubber jellies have the bod for it too.


I made it a jellofish if thats alright.

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