Looking for 3D modelers/riggers/texturers/animators of all kinds.

I’m looking to expand my team of volunteers a bit.
I can make a game, but I’m spending too much time (getting distracted by) modeling monsters.

First, its a no-strings volunteer position where you are mostly independent apart from the requirements stated below. You do what you like when you feel like doing it.

What I’m looking for is people who want to make original creations based on food and sports puns based around animals/monsters/myths/sayings. (e.g. couch potato, cardio bunny, lettusaurus, jellofish)
There’s a comprehensive list of monster names in my discord (thanks for all the suggestions btw)

Now, beginners are welcome to try and learn a thing or two about 3D modeling, i’m willing to teach if you have a basic understanding of how blender.org works.

So dont be scared by the following stipulations of what im looking for.

as for skill level, i need :
OR/AND moderate modeling (mid-low poly) (GameCube - Digimon World 4 - The Models Resource)
OR/AND amateur texturing (Nintendo 64 - Pokémon Snap - The Models Resource)
OR/AND Beginner rigging. (You know how to weight paint a vertex group to a bone)
OR/AND beginner animation. (You know how to make multiple animations using the action editor)

As for aesthetics, I’m not using PBR materials, just one colored texture like in the Nintendo/ps1/ps2 era.

as for model requirements.
a complete model has the following components.

  • A rig
  • A texture
  • A mesh (which is also the base shape)
  • 3 shape keys/morph targets (thin/skinny, fat/obese, stuffed)
  • a couple animations (Hate, dislike, neutral, like and love animation for eating something. And a fainting animation compatible with all the shape keys)

it’s for mark of the feast An open code project in unreal engine made to learn how to make your own unreal games.
Part of the Bucculentus anthology.

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Sounds like an interesting project! I’d be down to try and contribute a character whenever I get the time/finish the project I should be working on. I’m not particularly good at character design but I know my way around Blender well enough. Quick link to my to show off my work. Twitter

I honestly attribute you as one of the major reasons I started doing a more 3D modeling because you made a model of one of Kilif’s monsters and I thought “Damn that kinda looks fun, let me give it a try.”.

Also it saying for me that your Discord link is invalid.

I’ll try and set some time aside to help, especially with rigging since I want to get real good at it.

do you have any guide/reference on how it will look (like how “cartoony” and such) and how fat/skinny the different shape keys should aim at?

the discord link doesn’t work for me either

would love to have you onboard!

Here’s an updated discord link, not sure what happened there.

As for references, i’ll need to work on that.
I’m still working on the example monster, but as you can imagine, my own experience is also limited for making models and references in the wild are few and far between.
Not to mention that there isnt really a standard when it comes to monsters,
There’s snakes, jellofish, rodents, dragons, fish, dinos, furniture, vegetables… ect.

So here is a picture of a BMI visualisation thats about the scale im looking for.
But its not a monster.
Otherwise, thin is half the size and fat is twice the size.
thats usually what i do myself.

The general rules i would set is that clipping should stay at a minimum.
Freedom of movement shouldnt be impaired significantly visually.
I’d like to use one set of animations for creatures/monsters regardless of weight.

As for style and complexity, it’s in the realm of 3D pokemon and digimon games as linked above after the texture and modeling examples.

i’m not against having things more complex/detailed than that though.
And i apologise for the amount of artistic freedom that i bestow upon thee.
Though i like to think that im not one to shoot any ideas down if the product is up to the requirements listed above.