Mark your Calendars! (No Promises!)

“Now you didn’t hear it from me, but it seems as though Doughball Descent will be playable on Steam some time this month, as well as Itch and maybe Humble”

I have been quite busy working on Doughball Descent, alongside now my senior year of college, but thanks to the funding and encouragement of a dear friend, it seems only fair that I release a playable build to y’all. The game has come a long way in these… bajillion years, and will continue to be developed; I’m not releasing a “final” build of the game yet because that would take another bajillion years.
There’s still more events, vaults, and systems to on the backburner but none of them do y’all any good if the game exists only on a flash drive buried with me. Moreover I figure this will drum up some morale!



Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’ve been waiting for this game to return

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Oh hell yeah! Definitely checking this out as soon as it releases

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Still remember enjoying every minute of the original and seeing the progress towards this one, looking forward to it!

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YES, my favorite game of the 2020 Gain Jam, LET’S GOOO!!!

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The Steam Page is up! Earliest possible release: Nov 17, 2022, according to Steam, so for the time being wishlist it. I’m curious to know what y’all would pay for the game so I’ve included a poll here, the current price is $7.99 at the advice of my team (there are more than 2 of us now) but I think it’d be good to read the room

  • $2.99>=
  • $4.99
  • $7.99
  • $9.99<=

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