Mass Effect Legendary Edition Fat mod, is it possible?

Ello! As the title says, I was wondering if its possible to edit the models for characters in Mass Effect legendary? There doesn’t seem to be any mods regarding that for 1,2, or 3 and wondered why there wasn’t any and if that same issue is in legendary edition?


Well it hasn’t been long since it was released, so the Jury’s still out on whether or not it’s easy to mod or not. But knowing EA, it’s probably got some kind of DRM that prevents people from modifying it.


The one thing I’ll say is, even someone who has very little ‘hacking’ knowledge managed to find and edit the money via CheatEngine by myself.

I know there’s mods for Andromeda at least (not WG, but model ones, so theoretically there may be a way for those talented and willing).


I seriously would love to see this happen. The mass effect girls look great fat. It would be a dream come true