Max Swells day out! friendly visit!

Okay basically I made a new furry femboy clown oc called Max Swell Froggler and wanted to make a visual novel/game or web comic with him!
here’s his ref

He inflates when nervous, scared, startled, etc. However if he gets happy, excited or/and etc. He gains weight and he’s going to visit his mother with his new friends to see how she’s doing and get his mother familiar with his new friends! He’s already on edge about how it will all turn out. He doesn’t wanna be embarrassed or do anything embarrassing and with his mother being the typical extremely easily excitable and caring yet sometimes naive mother he knows she is. He scared about some really embarrassing secrets being unexpectedly told such as why he inflates or gains weight depending on his emotions. However His day does become quite mixed bag of emotions for him.

What do y’all think ?! Would absolutely love to hear everyones thoughts! :yellow_heart: :green_heart:


It sounds really cute! I can’t wait to check out whatever you decide to do with him

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I will Gladly make new updates on what I’m planning or currently doing with him! :blush:

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