Max Weight Build?

I know this is probably not the best or even a good idea but I was wondering if there were any builds that would be good for characters with high weight (1500+). I know it is probably not a good idea but god damnit I want to see them F A T. What should I max out first and in what order?


not my place to Min Max for this game in particular, but I’d say damage followed by capacity, in order to sustain sweeping potential. Follow up with supports with high recharge, and that should do it. If I recall, any amount of healing instantly removes the cooldown time, so three heavy offenses with a quick, large cap support should be what you want. That is, unless I’m wrong.


if you want min max youre gonna want to cap your speed on ALL your adventurers, preference of either high capacity or high metabolism is up to you, and high enough attack to complete levels efficiently, with maxed out speed and buffers you can have characters with hundreds of thousands of weight still clearing at good times

edit: and for the order if starting from beginning dont go for speed immediately, go for your attack and metabolism/capacity evenly, then when those 2 are finished go all out with speed


What is the cap for each stat out of curiosity

I don’t think there is a cap for how much you can upgrade any stat, but the speed stat, the reduction percent caps at 95%, and that takes around 300 upgrades to it iirc

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It kinda defeats the purpose of max weight, but if you really just want to keep your favorite characters at max weight you can bring a minimum weight Bard/Warrior/Priestess/Knight and have them refresh your favorites. Upgrading speed would totally work too but it would take quite a while for it to significantly speed up a max weight refresh.

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do any know the max weight

a REALLY large number, one youll most likely never reach

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i have two questions does the engineer have three phases of fatness and also how many phases of fatness are there

Engineer has one phase of 5 images because she has been added very recently. By the end everybody will have 3 phases of 5 images each

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if your modding
illusionist: TONK
Modded Illusionist + Modded Priestess:

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How do we use this mod.

theres mods? i didnt even think you could mod EtD lol