Maybe one more question.

So, let me ask if it isn’t too personal, did you ever come out to a partner or friend and they just started to ghost/ignore you? For me this has happened before to me, I had a girlfriend whom was with me for almost 2 years before dumping me in the worst way. I sat down with her and told her that I had a kink and when I told her she said to me that she was okay with it, I was relieved, but the next morning I texted her, she ghosted me, I texted later in the day, I was ghosted again. It evolved into a whole week of me trying to get in touch and her friends saying she wasn’t available. Almost 2 weeks later she told her friend to text me that we just weren’t compatible and the stereotypical, “It’s not you it’s me.” I know it wasn’t the relationship since we weren’t in any rough patches for a while. This was just a vent by me, I’ve been just a little stressed out recently and this just sounds like word vomit. But this kind of thing happens if you just say you have a preference towards men, women, or other and I’m sick of it, why can’t I just like something you don’t like, why do you see it as disgusting? I’m just wondering if you guys have had relationships with people, romantic or non-romantic, that have ended in someone avoiding you. This is pretty much a rant by me and I probably won’t ask any more questions unless you guys like these.

By the way, I hope you guys see this as more of me sharing my background and trying to understand yours’. I know that sharing my past isn’t like a thing I should do, but it’s nice to tell you guys about that moment in my life, I don’t hold it against her at all, it can be kind of scary to know what I like and what I feel is beautiful, but the way she did it was a dick move.

Keep courage and go forward.

There are people who would answer honesty when you told that you are a feeder/feedee or whatever.
And other people who don’t like the confrontation and will act evasiley like she does.

It’s terrible and happened to me lot of time, but you need to find someone who love you for what you are and go forward.


Thank you for the kind words, I have found someone who loves me for who I truly am, it just sucks that it took a heartbreak to find her.

Don’t worry about her man, I mean, we all had that one “special someone” who left after finding out, but in the end, while it is ok to feel sad, we gotta keep on going eventually, and trust me when I say, yes, it is sad, but just because where sad, doesn’t mean we can lose will! I hope you, and everyone reading this, has a fantastic day, and a fantastic life! ;D


Nope but I was sugar high at the time
Root beer is a surprisingly powerful thing
Edit yes actually but the guy this hound spoke to is currently in parts unknown
To reiterate root beer is surprisingly powerful


Not really, IRL. But on Tumblr, before the NSWF purge happened, I had an account and several RP-themed side accounts that would be ghosted by not just regular users, but also, at worst, pornbots.