Mechanics of the game world Vs Story of the game world

Just a dumb question what is more fun to make in a your game Mechanics of how your world works like how you interact with the world or the story of the world like the history of this world?

I am a garbage fucking nerd, so I’m more about worldbuilding than actually doing something with the world. I don’t even have experience with game design anyway.


For it is more for the story, but the mechanics must at least be shown some care and attention or otherwise a story matters little if the controls don’t allow anyone to experience.

It really depends on the game. If there is little to no story to speak of, then obviously the mechanics will be what’s the most important. Otherwise I find that my favorite games on the site make the mechanics fit the story, rather than the story fitting the mechanics.


I’m a big worldbuilding nerd like Shugoki, so I like knowing the ins and outs of how a world works, especially in things like WG games have or seek out a trait like obesity that most people would consider a detriment. But story and mechanics don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, a great game designer will use mechanics to tell the story.

In The Fat House for instance, the fact that you can buy or sell girls, or the brothel making more money the more your girls weigh, already tells you a lot about the world without needing any info dumps. If you want to convey that obesity is a desirable trait, you can make gain supplement items available in corner stores or drug stores or something. Make doors wider, place less stairs around your maps. Place bigger chairs in restaurants, or big seats and small seats if gaining is exclusive to one sex. Tons of things you can do to show that your world likes fatties without having to expressly say it.


I love exploring the world through the POV of protagonist! Because you not only get to know what their world is like, you get to experience it alongside them! You both get to share this experience and see what their thoughts and reactions are to it.

Then, do you agree with them? Disagree? Hope they see things better despite being sad or bitter?

I don’t do it enough in my games, as horny as they are, but it’s something that tends to sneak in anyway. It’s certainly fun to write it that way, purposely included or not!


Sometimes you can even make the mechanics fit with the story