Mega Man Weight Gain Game

I had an idea. Did you agree with?


If you had any ideas, so please reply to me! Or pull a Noby from Japanese anime series Doraemon and waste a shooting star wish on it.


oh that would be fun

my only ideas to share are to have the levels be mostly food based and taking damage (both you and the enemies, preferable with humanoid female shapes but that’s up to you) fattens the sprites up, and have victories and game-overs involve immobile sizes



Classic Mega Man, which I assume is the franchise we’re going with here, has a very rigid outline that’s been followed for a good amount of three decades. BUT, with Megaman 11’s double gear system, it’s clear that we can find ways to bend that mold. I’ll see what I can suggest…

First off, I concur with Mako’s suggestion regarding damage-based gains. There should be four “stages” of gain that the player reaches after receiving a certain amount of damage, each stage bigger and less mobile than the last.

The first is regular, plain-as-day thin Roll/Rock, with no changes apparent. Next is the slightly chunky stage, which has a slightly slower gait but uses slightly less ammo for special weapons. Third is the rough-and-tumble sumo-esque fatty, who’s slower still but has some additions to their defensive game (buster shots become slightly stronger, and the slide becomes a rolling moving that works much like the charge kick). Finally, we have a vast facsimile of the former bot who leaves shock waves wherever they jump. Anywhere beyond that is immobility/defeat.

That list probably needs a balance overhaul, but it’s my most immediate way of gamifying weight gain in a Mega Man formula.

My only other idea so far is to apply a similar stage system to the bosses. Each robot master has about three stages of gain, each of which has their own distinct attack patterns. Oh, and they naturally are all food and-or kitchen based. You’ve got the right idea, Mako.

I know I basically just dumped an entire game concept on this thread. I’m still new at this P:


I agree your idea.
This would be fun.

I still agree your idea.
Thank you.

It would be very fun.


I wish someone who made the Mega Man Weight Gain Game for PC.

Maybe add splash and quake woman as playable too and use some fan made robot masters ask permission to thestartraveller to use his robot master cake woman :smiley:

Well, i agree your idea.

I agree you best amazing idea.

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You can base the sprites off of Dimensional-Expander’s old sprite works. Plus, I think that there should be an immobility penalty that works like Sonic 2 XL’s immobility where if your character eats too much, she stops moving and eventually loses a life.

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I think it’s so that’s is a best idea ever.

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Yes is a perfect idea >-<!!

“I will be your champion!”
But in a more serious tone, I really like the idea, please message me if you are still going to have this project made, and if you are interested in some one else making it.