Mega Man Weight Gain Sprites Needed!

Can you do the Roll Weight Gain sprites? If does, please reply me here.

Or pull a Noby from Japanese anime series Doraemon and waste a shooting star wish on it.

Why there’s no reply on it?

Simply because you are very unlikely to find anyone willing to do sprites for you just because you asked. If you want better results its usually better to:

  1. Ask for advice on how to do it yourself. Most people are happy to lend advice or time to help others learn new skills.

  2. Talk about the project you need this for if there is one. If you want to do this for a game make a project discussion about it and talk about what skills you would be bringing to the project and what skills you need to help with it. If people really like your idea and you show you are willing to put in the same (if not more) work you will usually get some volunteers.

  3. Offer to pay for the work. If you offer compensation for what you want you will usually find one person who would be willing to do it.

In general you are not going to find someone willing to do free work for you unless they are also going to get something out of it.


Okay. I need Roll’s Weight Gain progression sprites.

Do you have anything to show in terms of game play? People tend to be more willing to contribute to a project when they see that you’ve already put a good chunk of work into it and that it’s actually going somewhere.

Sorry to be blunt. What are you offering in exchange for the sprites?

People don’t work for free on other people’s projects. if you want sprites made for you you will have to convince someone it is worth their time to make.

This can be done by providing money. You can propose a art trade. You can trade other services. if you want something you’re very very likely going to have to offer something in return.

Here’s is it: