Megaman X dive mod help/ will commission if money is needed

Hey I need help with making a mod for megaman X dive, there is a feature in the games files where I have the ability to yoink a character from the file and make a whole new character as well, I mostly want to make my ciel and Fida character and want it to be a goated full on mod with custom Japanese voice overs for Fida and ciel just sounding the same for the normal ciel but maybe saying unique voice lines as well. I’m willing to pay as much need if a modder wants to let me pay them to make it for the game. I wouldnt be able to buy it yet as I still haven’t been paid but I will be able to buy it in 2 weeks from now.

These are about how big Fida is basically she’s the size of a fairy but she’s a cyber elf that can alter weight and enhance calories in food as well as enhance someone’s metabolism, also I’d go into more detail of the mods I want to make this character but I also need like the modder to research the system cause it was confusing to me and I feel a modder would have an easier time understanding how to make the mod for ciel and Fida and run me through setting her up for my game file.

Let me know if one of you guys are willing cause I’ve been craving to play as ciel and Fida custom character ever since I found out the game has the option to add custom characters and custom cards for them in the game


Also the spoiler pics are of my second part to the comic I wish I had color rn for these pages but I will send the coloured versions once yummy has finished them they are only to have a better understanding of how big Fida is plz don’t look at them if you are trying to see part 2 pages early lol very big spoilers actually tbh not really I guess cause the dialogue isn’t in yet lol