Melt their hearts

Melt their hearts is a visual novel set in Kamchatka (Eastern Russia) and follows the story of Sasha as she ventures across the lands of Kamchatka in search of an Ice Maiden, a creature of legend that is sought after by many folks willing to adventure the frozen tundra.

I got inspired to create this visual novel while designing an OC for @IceDev and got the idea of a game centred around the created species.

This is an example of an Ice Maiden, a creature that is resistant to the Kamchatka cold and is soft to the touch with a warm body and an antifreeze bloodstream.

I want to also explore new settings not just in fat games but visual novels in general as snow settings are nothing new, tundra’s have yet to make an appearance and wanted to hopefully show the basic feel of Kamchatka through this world.

This is an example of the backgrounds that will feature in the game.

I have acquired some royalty free music that really fits the feel of the game as well acquired some snowy wind sound effects to be played in the background, I want this to hopefully be an audio triumph.

I have also been working on creating a UI for updated releases of the game and am hoping that it can be integrated in future updates.

The first release of the game will be a prologue to a bigger set of storylines, which will be worked on over a period of time and could be subject to re-writes if appropriate. Character redesigns will also be possible too depending on feedback and ability to repeat draw if necessary.

The whole project is currently in beginning stages of programming and I’m hoping for steady progress in the development stages, I am currently being advised on how to write the Kamchatka setting as well as attempt to show off the native peoples of the area in a good light.

Either way I hope you guys stay tuned for updates on the progress of the project and I hope to have a completed build released in steady time. The first version shall be released before the end of the year before the ice melts and becomes vapour.

update: 6/2/2023

Melt their Hearts is now available to download on Itch.
Melt Their Hearts by Axxisproductions (


no words, just emotions
I wish your project progress


Finally! Icedev dating simulator!


I’m intrigued! This could easily be the most visually striking game here based on the backdrops alone


I apologise for the long display of silence folks but work on the game is continuing, the game is now going to be a VN story as I felt it would make the most sense for what I was originally going for with the story.
All character assets are completed and there is only one final asset to finish artwork wise.
The game will hopefully be about a minute of 15minutes long depending on your reading speed and an official word count will be released upon the games release.
I am not going to set a release date but I have pause all side projects in order to put my mind 100% into writing the game.
Again I would like to thank you all for your patience in the development of the project, IRL got busy over the holiday period and I wish to get back on track with development.
On the games release it will be download only from Itch and will be completely free to play, this means YES there will be no F***ing MERCH BUTTON on the menu screen unlike recent indie horror games.
That note there will also be no main menu as it is more of a story than a game and a main menu is unnecessary time waste and I’d rather the reader be able to jump into the story like a warm jacuzzi full of Ice Maidens.
I look forward to getting the game finished and I wish you all a good day, more updates will come in the near future.


VN is out now for you folks to enjoy :slight_smile:
Melt Their Hearts by Axxisproductions (


The bar along the bottom of the screen is missing so I can’t click config so I can’t mute the music in game.

I always want to mute the music in game not out of game, in case there are sound effects (I’d want those left on.)

Oh also the message log history would be nice to see (assuming this is tyranno and not rpgmaker, but both of them allow music muting if the menu for it isn’t removed?)

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i have some questions like how do the ice maidens see or eat, why are they fat and are there more of them?