Migration to GCP

Good day everyone!

As a few of you may remember, in preparation for getting some of the backing infra up and running for the main site and also to help with some of our costs we are planning on moving from AWS to GCP.

As of last week we started this process by moving over the wiki which was to act as out test bed. Currently its fully functioning and stable in GCP so we feel like we can begin to move onto the forums.

We are still a bit off though as I still need to move over our CI/CD system and also do some testing to make sure everything looks good before we move over. I will make a post with more info once we get closer to the migration, but it will be fairly disruptive so expect some service outages during the migration.


Will we be logged out during/after the move has been made?

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You shouldn’t be but there is always a chance when we do big moves like this.

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This sounds like something only web developers can really understand, but good luck to you!


Hello. I had to make a new account to report this. I have used Tor to access and use the forum for quite some time, but now all I get from the page is a 403 Forbidden HTTP error.

Odd, its possible something with Tor could be messing with your headers and the forums may think you are trying to access areas you are not supposed to.

Feel free to DM me directly and I can see if we can help you out.

What is gcp?, l dont quite understand what gcp is or does?

Google Cloud Platform. It just a cloud provider where we can host what we need to run this site.