Milk Farm

buff mainchar
People asked for it so here is this slice prototype or proof of concept.
A shady company has found a chemical to turn men into cows. They have kidnapped a bunch of guys to farm and sell their own man milk. You play some guy who wishes to escape but you have need and the company fulfills them. You have taken a milking machine(used with e) and will need to use it so your pecs don’t explode. That however fills you with milk which you need to run off. Simple enough if not for the hot guys around. They can make you cum so hard you stop all while your pecs continue to fill.

I don’t have much motivation to continue the project and there are some major bugs I haven’t fixed like the pelvis disappearing (I don’t know why.).

win 64: 21.17 MB file on MEGA
win 32: 18.4 MB file on MEGA

Update 17 / 08 / '20: Fixed bugs posted in comments: getting out of bounds and pelvis disappearing and added 2 new guys.


I’ve just played the game and I quite like it. It has a lot of potential and I haven’t noticed any bugs so far. I think I have gotten some game overs but it doesn’t tell me what I’ve done wrong. So far good game, nice art and I would be glad to see it be continued.

After some more playing here are some bugs I noticed: The pelvis disappears when you cum, If you go onto the roof of the rightmost farmhouse you can’t come back down.

Apart from that this game is really well made and I can’t wait for some new content!

Are the only controls E for the pumping, SPACE for jumping, and A + D for moving left and right?

Yes, it was initially going to be a puzzle game similar to Titan complex(which I would recommend as a better version of this games) but I found the mechanics were working against each other. This version is meant to be more of a infinite runner with levels.


I see how its similar to my idea I posted, though my idea is that your the owner of a factory not someone escaping from one. Is interesting though keep up the good work.

This is a different game than what I was talking about. That one needs 19 pieces of pixel art and 19 more lines of dialogue to be done but I’m struggling to drum up the motivation to write and draw as the ending as very sexy.

I’ve just played the new update and it looks really good, all the problems I found seem to have been fixed! This game seems to be coming along really well!

Btw what program do you use to draw your sprites?

Good old GIMP aka free photoshop. In regards to future updates, I’m changing focus to a blueberry game so once that gets to a similar level to this I’ll may return unless people what something specific here.

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