Mirror Event Descriptions

I like what you did with the mirror, how you can examine each part of your body individually. I plan to make a couple test characters just to see every description, but for now I’ve just seen two problems.

Minor one first; the event says you strip down so you’re nude, but this doesn’t seem to take into account the eternally binding armor, if you still have it on. I realize not many people would care in the first place, but it’s still worth pointing out.

Second, the thin male descriptions seem to default to female bodies. At least, the breasts description does. Not sure if it applies anywhere else. Also, the character I noticed this on has a negative stance on being fat, since I’m sure that matters a lot.

I noticed that too; pretty much any description of breasts on a male character seems more appropriate for a female one.

The male descriptions aren’t any different from female. I decided to just release what I had written since it’s been a while. I’ll probably change the ones for belly and breasts, maybe butt too if your character is male.

I’d like to participate a bit and write / edit the mirror event’s descriptions, would that be possible?

With shy personality, negative stance on fat, and with legs starting to get fat. You get this:

[spoiler]Your attention is now directed towards your thighs which have gotten to be quite thick now. Bending one leg and turning to the side allows you to see the the area of flesh that connects your butt to your thighs. You notice a bit of cellulite forming there, something you were previously unfamiliar with. The sight of cellulite upsets you. You must get back in shape! The sight of cellulite is slightly arousing, just further proof of how chubby you’ve been getting lately.

It shows both the negative and positive response to leg fat.[/spoiler]

Sure, you can PM it to me.

Also thanks Chrizzm for the bug report.