Mischief: A game where a goblin fattens a human woman

So I made a small RPG maker game! You play a sneaky goblin who must use her mischievous powers to fatten up a human without her getting too suspicious.

Download it here: Mischief

The primary gameplay loop involves using your powers of mischief to make small changes throughout the day, while the human is out at work, then returning to your hiding place for the evening and watching the effects of your mischief take hold.

Features elements of: stuffing, weight gain, slob, gas, squashing, drunkenness

It’s pretty simple, short and sweet, and it has a few different endings, as well as a humourous take on the human lifestyle through the eyes of a simple goblin trickster.

I hope you all enjoy it, let me know what you think!


Good job on this game. I like three of the six elements, especially weight gain and gas.

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I would find this concept enjoyable if we had the option to make the woman a furry instead
btw admins you falsely hid this comment

Quite a fun little game, the way you did things were well done, I got caught a few times, but it’s easy to learn from your mistake.

Only nitpick has to be the size of the human not changing as you progress, it could be a good way to show that you are progressing, but the descriptions at the beginning of each day more than make up for it.

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I really enjoyed this, and I do echo @crazyman193’s opinion; I’d have loved to have seen the human model gain weight as time passed.

I never really came across any slob content that I recognized, so I’m not sure if I triggered it or not.

Two of the three Goblin victory endings were a little dark for my liking, I’ll admit, but I had fun with this regardless. I’d love to see an expansion on this one day.


I think the pie counted as slob.

I would have called that more stuffing, myself.

Oh, it totally was. I think it’s more the lack of silverware used, at least that was my impression.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

I did initially want to have the human’s sprite change as she progressed, but I found it difficult to to make edits that looked good and actually gave a noticeable impression of her gain, so I decided to stick to writing the descriptions for now; but hopefully in future projects, I’ll get better at artwork and be able to utilise visual changes a bit more!

Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

I’m still working on my sprite work, and the resolution for the characters in RPG Maker makes it tough to convey a gain in several stages without it looking clunky or disproportionate, but hopefully the next few projects I have in mind (that don’t use RPG Maker) can have some better visuals!

I went a bit mild on the slob content in this, admittedly, but I might make something else with more intense bouts of slobbiness in future.

Depending on if I have enough good ideas to back it up, I might make a sequel or remake of Mischief at some point, and expand on the premise (hopefully with a more varied range of endings)!

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Hi how can i get the true ending

No worries there, the game is still very fun to play, I may have a few suggestions that could very well help, however, I’m not sure how well this can be implemented.

  • Possibly have some sort of point system that can be used to discern endings (ie. if slob was the highest and it’s value is higher than 15, then play the slob ending)

  • experiment with the engine a little, you may find something that allows you to increase the sprite size of the characters

  • you could very well implement a “battle system”, using this game as an example, if you were caught, you would be able to perhaps, finish with a lesser ending due to being caught, but still emerging victorious (and possibly balance out the target given their weight)

  • maybe a few “nice endings”, while it’s nice for one character given the ending, it would be nice for an ending where both parties benefit from it, without losing something serious in the process.

  • don’t hesitate to add more comedy, perhaps some random events, such as the ability to look through the window and seeing the lady struggle with something which could end in a hilarious way.

Hopefully this can spark some ideas, but these are only suggestions, you are free to simply discard them if you so desire.

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She can put on the dress. 10/10

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Loved this.

Some specific feedback from my own perspective:
I thought the concise format was a boon to the game. I really liked that there wasn’t any tedium to distract from the story, humor and fetish elements. The endings were playful, but a little bit insidious which really helps to set the tone of your game apart from other similar games.

For criticism I would only say that the gameplay, while intuitive and clever, became a little bit repetitive. And perhaps cycling the available tasks each day, or otherwise providing a spin on the subsequent “stages” would help. And also obviously: a lack of graphics.

If you’re at all interested, you can grab any of the sprites that I’ve made. I’ve offered them up to the community a few times, or you can reach out to me in PM’s and I’d be happy to find you a link. I’d also be interested in doing some spritework for you, since I’m not really doing any productive in terms of the projects I’d planned myself, if you’d want.

Spritework or not, I really enjoyed the mix of text and gameplay so definitely don’t replace your writing, but rather supplement it if you decide to go that route!

can anyone assist me with the game, i have no idea how to advance. I get caught on the second day everytime. how do you know what to mess with and what to leave alone?

Take your time. If you do her dishes and clean her stove it reduces how quickly she catches you, and the tips at the end where you say “She’s looking in all the wrong places” or “I can get away with a lot more mischief” are hints as to how close you are to being caught.

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Thanks for the assist!

I do adore this game quiet a bit. All I want now is to make sure I actually got all the endings. It feels like I got them all, but the heart seems too meaningful to not change anything.

Please… please explain in more detail. I love what I’ve seen so far, but this is the first time I’ve gotten tilted at a WG game in so long. I can’t figure out what I need to do and not do anymore, EVERYTHING results in loss and repeating the dialogue flood.

Assuming your game isn’t glitched, you can win easily by limiting yourself to 2-3 pranks a day and washing both the dishes and the stove daily.