Mischief's Swell Day! (short top-down shooter)

Hello! thought I’d make a project page for this, it’s a game I had finished and posted almost a year ago. There’s not much too it (you just shoot waves of very basic enemies by inflating them for a few minutes and that’s about it), but I was told I should post it anyway so here we are!

got a link for the game on both itch and newgrounds, both of them will allow you to play the game in your browser window without downloading anything (and if you would like to download it that’s available on itch as well)

Let me know what you guys think! Though fair warning, this is a pretty old project and I don’t see myself revisiting the idea anytime soon. I’ve got other projects I’d rather work on instead


u did it u absolute mad lad

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haha witch make flowers go bwoomph

It’s an older game to be sure but it checks out, was always a fan of WP-themed stuff and can’t wait to see other projects you put out in the future.

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Thank you! It won’t be wicked pump themed, but I’m hoping to have a platformer of some kind ready to show off soon. Been working on this prototype of it for some time now

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i like this game, keep up the awesome work!

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