MMO Encounters

I guess this belongs here, but has anyone ever randomly run into fat/thick/gluttonous/inflatable/etc. characters in RP severs in MMOs?

Iv’e run into a surprising amount when I used to play World of Warcraft (An orc, goblin and tauren gal on horde side, quite a few different races on Alliance side) and a few during my time in Guild Wars 2, though without RP mods or descriptions it was harder to tell.

The only place I recall having even slightly fetishy experience was the old Earth Eternal via the fat body type.

And even then, the only actual encounter I had was basically just some guy saying something along the lines of “Show of hands: Who here is furry?”

I’m not going to mention the game’s name. But I sort of lucked into a feeder/feedee relationship with my guildmaster for as long as I played that game. My character was well known as one of the best chefs on the server and I made most of my money selling food. Guildies and good party members got free food of course and he was always making comments about how fat he was becoming because of me. This later led to some more suggestive roleplay- rubbing, squeezing and the like- but never anything explicit.

The closest I’ve gotten to anything like this was on Black Desert Online. Basically I made a female character with the sliders all the way up for hips, butt, boobs, and waist because of course I would. At the beginning of the game, me and this one guy looked at each other’s characters for like a solid 10 seconds before he says “ur fat”. To which I reply “no u” before running away to continue my quest.


I played Mabinogi mostly by cooking and eating food. It was a nice time.

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