So, I have been wondering and has anyone attempted to make a medieval fantasy themed 2D or 3D game that has different anthros and has weight gaining, size shifting, muscle growth, etc. I have attempted to learn C++, but I fear I don’t exactly qualify at all as a coder yet, heh… Hopefully we get to see something like this in the future.
Edit: Ack, I am so sorry for not including what else I had in mind. It could either go for a more social RPG like how Free Realms was for a time or could be kinda like World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy XIV. For how to alter your character (and hopefully your party as well,) I guess on top of the normal ways of gaining weihht and muscles, there could be potions, curses, and charms that can either be temporary or permanent depending on how potent they are. If you guys can think of anything else, I would love to hear it.


I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything like that around yet, mostly because of all the assets that would require.


True. I probably thought a bit too far into this, maybe?

It’s a pretty cool thought to have. Though now I’m wondering about plot reasons, like is there any explanation for why there’s all these furs running around and getting huge/tiny/transforming over all.

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Ah, yeah, I always have trouble coming up with plots.

Maybe there doesn’t NEED to be a plot… at first. Setting up a sandbox server we could all join would be hard and costly enough!


Hmm, okay then. How about a setting? You mentioned potions, curses and charms. That sounds like pretty standard stuff. Interestingly, there could be something like “Oh, we have regular plants and fruits and veggies. But don’t go into that forest, the plants there make you fat!” if there’s gonna be magic in this world.

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Both ideas sound good. Would probably set up a sandbox first then work on the plot in the meantime. The forest idea sounds like a good starting area. Couls lead to an important character or item at the end of it if a story quest forces you to enter? I have also been thinking that maybe our character joins a group or possibly a guild that looks for odd jobs or rare relics that involve making everyone turn into another species or grow bigger than a cottage.

Awesome concept. But initially at least, I’d maybe set your standards a little lower? If you’re going to code the game from scratch then maybe single player to start with? Get that up and running before adding all the complexities (and additional cost) of multiplayer?

Perhaps a smaller starting area too? Just a few areas to visit - a fetish game doesn’t need to have a vast playing area or masses of different locations. Plus, unless you’re an accomplished artist, the more areas you have, the more assets you’ll need to buy, and believe me, this gets expensive.

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Understandable. Like I said, I’ll start with a sandnox first and then slowly add in the required assets. Saw how a few projects nearly fell on their faces when they try to add too many complex things at once.

So, I was thinking of exploration and… Maybe at certain heights you’d be able to unlock secrets? For example: There’s a rare artifact that is inside of a mousehole that leads to a parkour? Also, I guess being mostly fat would decrease not only your speed, but jump height as well? I’m still thinking about the not too restrictive debuffs for being really small or nearly immobile as well as the buffs.

There are a few other things you can do, such as reverse engineering the grandparents of 3d MMOs, multi-user dungeons. This will help you understand the very basics of client to server connections, character data storage, etc. A basic 3d mmo is simply text with a visual interaction.

Start here or my favorite CPP modern base

Takes a little creative thinking to run the scripts locally to test play, but not necessary to peak at how stuff works.


Thank you so much. Hopefully I’ll understand it.

Oh, I actually getting quite excited! A weight gain mmo we can all play together would be sweet! Hopefully you’ll figure it out!

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Fingers crossed I do.

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You already have tons of great advice from everyone here, but I’ll throw in my two cents as well. I agree that you should start out small. Create a strong foundation for your game. Starting out it doesn’t have to be pretty, just make sure basic functions work, then gradually progress to larger obstacles. All in all, I’m sure you’re going to do great, and I look forward to whatever updates you bring us!

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Bumping this thread. I had a project on this going a few years ago. I’m bringing it back because of boredom during winter lockdown.

I need creative people because I’m a professional developer but I stink at all things creative.