Mobile Game Idea: Idle Buffet

There have been a lot of idle games on mobile devices in recent years, but I think there should be an idle game for mobile that’s different from all the rest. Like most idle games for mobile, it’ll be free to play, so expect ads and microtransactions. The game involves the player opening a brand new all-you-can-eat buffet, and as you place foods in the tray, customers will visit. The customers start out thin, but once they’ve eaten, they’ll become fat, with their weight depending on both the player’s level and the level of the buffet. Three buttons appear at the bottom: one allowing you to spend in-game currency (which is given out by the afforementioned customers) on the foods available (i.e.: fries, donuts, etc.), one allowing you to do the same thing for staff (more staff equals more satisfied customers), and one that behaves the same, except you spend said currency on the buffet’s capacity. There’s no premium currency in this game, but the microtransactions include, and are limited to, more in-game currency, ad removal, and more. Those willing to watch ads can do so to get extra in-game currency, as well as double either currency output, customers, or in-game speed. A customer’s gender and weight will be displayed right above their heads, plus there are options you can toggle, like turning off sound or vibration, restoring purchases, and others like an option where you can switch up your clientelle to be both genders, males only, or females only, as well as one for those interested in gas/slob content. There’s even an option where customers can burst like Mr. Creosote did, just not as gory.


Cut the bursting kink and I’m in!

Although personally, I think you’d be better off with an idle gacha game formula, where you unlock new customers with more detailed art and stages of weight gain, and they get fatter and consume more food points based on your time spent playing and/or whaling microtransactions.


I like it! An eternal buffet that customers just wind up endlessly graze at.

It is still possible to design games without exploitative microtransactions, even on mobile games… not to mention I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving any fetish game that level of access to credit cards. That said, weight gain and cookie clicker-esque idle games pair pretty well.

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Man if you discuss monetization before even pitching gameplay then I’m already out lol.


I don’t know how that will do as a mobile game the mobile games seem to have a huge problem with weight gain because every game I’ve found on Google play has weight gain and weight loss and muscle forms and the closest I’ve ever seen to weight gain was getting a fat character’s size to increase but only in games that don’t keep the weight gain for more than one match

im down, if you need an artist, send a dm my way

sounds like fun

tho i do have a couple of ideas:

  • if you mess up the order or if its given to the wrong customer, they either leave and never come back or just immediately blimps up blocking the counters, stopping other orders from being done until their removed
  • and lastly, blueberries, please

i dont care if none of these are added, ill still play it anyways