Mochi Moshi by YummyGoods

Everyone listen, there is a visual novel called Mochi Moshi.

Mochi Moshi is a weight gain and expansion visual novel “toy” where you interact with Kazumi, a bubbly, charismatic and dumb kitsune inspired girl! As her friend, she asks for guidance on where to visit in the local scene for the week. Every location you tell her to visit for the week will cause her to change, and the order you give her locations matters to her final appearance! The current plan is to have 6 different combinations of growth/endings/ routes, but with our help, we can bring that number up to 24, with an additional secret 25th ending!

So I want every person to spread the word to the people and donate them to unlock the goal points of this game.

Here is the link for the creator:



Here is the FAQ for the game and their Pixiv.


Hii!! Thank you for posting about this here! I decided to make my own thread about it as well! Mochi Moshi!
Sorry to hijack yours! You did a real good job presenting the project well!! Thank you so much!


I am going to close this thread to avoid confusion.

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