Mod and game ideas

Hey! I’m someone who has been lurking around the website hoping to make something once I am able to acquire the skills to make games and mods. Throughout my time watching, I got some ideas that popped into my head that I would like to share!

for mods, maybe a weight gain mod for either darkest dungeon (as mentioned earlier on this website) where the fuller they are, the more damage they do, and the long they stay at stuffed, the more room they gain in their stomach! They could also produce their own food items so they aren’t burning through your entire food supply when you just enter the dungeon.

Another idea I have might be a mod for the up and coming game “The last spell”. This could either be for enemy variants (bloats that cannibalize other enemies to gain more armor at the cost of speed, with a passive of healing other zombies) or maybe weight levels for the heroes that guard the city by eating at a new buffet building or something like that. Eating and gaining weight would give various buffs at the cost of depleting your movement points.

Last but not least, a game idea where an adventurer goes into a candy dungeon (original I know) to gain riches for the nearby town. They can either go alone or in a party, and certain enemies make certain body parts gain weight (body parts that could gain weight would be thighs & butt, stomach and breasts). The weight your adventurers gain from the dungeon can be taken from them once they get back into town, and the more times they gain weight, the more weight they would be able to store before becoming incapacitated. If an adventurer or an adventurer party is incapacitated in the dungeon, they will need to be rescued by other parties that would be sent in the dungeon after them, but if you fail to save the adventurers 3 times, they will become a special enemy that has been taken over by the candy dungeon as kind of roaming mini-bosses that represent the body part that was biggest at the time of them turning. For example, if a party member that turned had gain a lot of ‘junk in the trunk’, they would become a gumdrop variant enemy or something like that. The goal of the game would be to upgrade your town either with tourism, the resources extracted from adventures, or more and reach the center of the candy dungeon to claim its abilities for the prosperity of the town.

All in all, that’s my ideas. I hope you all are interested in these because I feel like I lack the skills to do theses ideas justice! Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Another Idea I have in this reply would be a weight gain fighter for yomi hustle, where the higher combo(hustle?) meter the higher the weight they gain. The more weight they have, the stronger their attacks but the slower their speed. Could be someone who was cursed by a witch and now is still trying to participate as the curse takes hold.

Another Idea would be a game similar to the last spell in mechanics where the heroes you get to protect the town can gain weight, lowering their speed and upping their defense until they reach a point where they can’t move anymore. This would make it so the player would have to find a balance between their heroes weight and the incoming enemies. Some perks and buffs could also have it so heroes can increase their movement weight cap with some downsides.