mod help

hello there, I was wondering if any of you knew how to make mods work because for whatever reason, when I try tho following error happens

any help?

It doesn’t seem like the game can find the gamedata folder, which seems like it would’ve been a problem even before getting mods installed. To set up and start the game, you should do the following:

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the whole game - If you’re using the Legacy Edition and you don’t have an existing install somewhere, make sure you’re using the Full version and not the Core version.

  • Extract all the files from the .zip download into a folder you can easily access. Running the game from inside the zip file probably won’t work.

  • Start the game by using the start.bat or start_dev.bat in the game folder. Don’t try to directly start the .jar file in the dist folder, and don’t use the start.exe because I’m pretty sure it tries to run an outdated version of Java.

  • If you’re adding mods, extract the gamedata folder from the mod’s zip file and merge it with the gamedata folder in the folder you’ve extracted the game to. Overwriting files when asked will likely be necessary, but multiple mods trying to overwrite the same files might lead to compatibility issues. If the mod includes a dist folder, you probably shouldn’t use it as it likely contains an older version of the main game file.