Mod ideas for the sims 4

Could we get some fat percentage going
Example: when measuring a body part it calculates how much fat is in it and the more fat in it the bigger it gets and if its something like the thighs or butt the more fat in it the jigglyer it gets and if oyu have fatter thighs you don’t get cold as easy as the fat between your legs keeps you warm and if you have a bigger fatter butt you are more comfortable when sitting down there should also be moodlets like
If your cold with fat touching thighs: you feel a warmth of flab between your legs

If you have wider chubby hips you should have easier interactions with men and if you are romanticly in love with them they should be able to place their hands on your hips or play with the flab on your thighs also females should be able to play with the flab on their own thighs for fun and if they have a big butt they should be always comfortable when sitting down
If a sim is clumsy they should have a chance to trip over the fat between their legs or get their hips stuck in a doorway

Why not post all that in here: Give me sims 4 mod ideas
Also, none of your ideas seem particularily tenable without severe rewrites to the game’s code and lord help anyone who tries (Except for the last one, that one might be possible).


Well those mods in principle are good ideas, they would be difficult or require some really advanced animators, also the first one goes against the games code, so it’s basically impossible to make since fat isn’t stored in individual body parts, it is just one number, and how big limbs get depend on how big the slider for said limbs is. The only really plausible thing I could think of making would be that romance interactions are easier at a certain hip slider.

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The best way to get jiggle physics is to get on your knees and pray to CAS that Sims 5 is a good game


I have serious doubts that sims 5 will have physics, too much work, when the same can be achieved with animations

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Could you create a version of the weight gain virus mod where it causes sims to become ravenous and eat a ton until they get fat and maybe become uncomfortable if they’re not eating? Could add an interesting dimension.

I’d imagine Sims 5 would follow the recent EA release trend:-

Put out a base game that contains the bare minimum of features - then release everything else as paid DLC. And assuming they’ve not been banned by then (here’s hoping!), expect lootboxes in one form or another.

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That’s the main criticism of EA these days. That, and other, less-popular series (i.e.: Spore, Black & White, MySims, etc.) that were once prevelant in certain time periods or console life cycles being choked out by more-popular series and games.

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MySims was the shit, I miss that so much

I agree, it was awesome, despite the 480p limitations of the Wii console and the bugs of the PC version, and the small scope of the DS versions. The only HD appearances outside of the PC version of the first game, which was distributed as part of one of Taco Bell’s Kids Meal promotions, is the figurines littered throughout The Sims 4. I even saw sprite sheets of the unsuccessful mobile version on TSR. I, too, miss the series, and point the blame towards the lack of SkyHeroes’ success compared to previous entries (which may also explain why it never released in Japan, as the series was also big in the region just like Kirby and other series with cute mascots), which led to games for 3DS and Facebook being cancelled. And to this day, there has been absolutely no MySims 2 made at all, or even considered by EA, as they want to focus on more grown-up series like The Sims, SimCity, and even series like Dead Space and Gears of War.

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