Mod ideas for Tribal Hunter(Functional ones, not just sprite-swaps)

Quick preface, I have no idea how to functionally mod the game. I just wanted to share mod ideas.

  1. Supercow mode.
    Just like the character in the in-game tv-show, Munch will continuously grow in size. And although this would be an easy heal or magic source, I think it could be a fun challenge mode. You could even increase the fill over time based on the amount of stat-upgrades. Another annoying but fun thing to add would be a way to guarantee an upsize after a cutscene in which you could not control Munch normally.

  2. Large food.
    Not only does this idea increase the sprite-size of the food, but also increase the amount everything will fill Munch for. This could include enemies.

  3. Mini-munch.
    In summary, you do little to no damage, take a lot more, never over-size in tunnels, but fill up much faster.

  4. Munch bowling.
    This would be a combo mod. It would add a horizontal and faster version of the flight-minigames from Kitora, but also add this as a dash. It would function as an inverse snowball. You will lose size over the duration of using this unless you eat.

  5. Attribute fill.
    Based on what munch eats, change the stats. When filled with mostly air, Munch will jump much floatier. When filled with slime, Munch will be much heavier and will do more ground-pound damage. (No idea yet for the ghost fill) Would be nice if there was a glow on Munch’s belly based on the dominant fill. This would ignore normal fill.

I would love to hear opinions or advice on how to potentially bring these into the game as mods.