Mod Noone's RPG

This was just kind of hidden in his journals but if you guys are familiar with Noone’s weight gain RPG, he posted the source code a while back.
I, sadly, don’t have the time to make a mod of my own. If I did I’d totally add some NSFW content. :wink:

Download HERE

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I downloaded the source code when he released it, I just wish there was a free/inexpensive program to edit it. As far as I know, you need a specific flash editing program from adobe, but if anyone knows any alternatives, I’d love to know.

Try Flashdevelop.

thanks! I can’t promise anything right now, but I’ve wanted to screw around with some of the game’s code for a while.

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So is it not playable or finished

well, I never quite found a way to compile the code; I’m not proficient with flash so there’s probably something I’m missing. I figure if you know how to use flash you can make something out of it, but I’m not the one here.

I’ve seen people mention this game on other threads, is there a dummy’s guide on how to play this?

I mean yes, you can play the game here:

This is a thread about possible mods, since the game is not in development anymore
I mean you could use flashdevelop to mod it yourself, but I do not know how to make a dummy guide for that.

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of couse this post has been deadish for two years

Ohhhhh it’s this! I saw a comment yesterday and they called it “Noone’s RPG” so I thought it was its own thing. Sorry for corpsing!