modding the fatty text adventure download

yeah remember the rpg made by noone yeah, i have memorised alot about the game and even figured out the number limit before overlap is the same for old java so i began finding ways to modify the downloadable version of the game and possibley re-envigorate the modding comunity
-it was formated from a flash game to an exe file using zinc 4.0 ( ( the program if you are intrested)
-it runs off of old java

-using java you could possibley edit the game and with enough research create new enemies, items, food and possibley areas and restraunts but hey gotta start somewhere

links (zinc 4.0)
Fatty text adventure game alpha 0.6 (final version) by noone -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (the latest version of the game)
Dropbox - Fatty Text Adventure Game!.exe - Simplify your life (windows download)
Dropbox - Fatty Text Adventure Game!.rar - Simplify your life (mac release) (java download)


I’m not sure what mdm’s Link has to do with Java, other than having the same sized signed int (hardly a surprise). Fatty text adventure was written in Flash/ActionScript (source available). Oracle does have a product called MDM, but that’s Master Data Management - a tool for creating business dashboards.

I hope that people from furaffinity will come here and joyfully make a mod or finish the game


I have no idea how you can acknowledge that it’s a Flash game in one line and assume it’s in Java the next, but congrats on reaching that conclusion, I guess.

There’s no need for complicated decompilation and editing techniques; noone released the source code to the public years ago. If you learn a bit of ActionScript and take a look at how the code is structured, adding on to it shouldn’t be all that difficult.


Side note: the game’s item system is so fluid that you can actually use a save editor to add your own stuff in there.
I’m braindead when it comes to coding and even I managed to put a working bicycle pump into the game that can be used to train your capacity without having to gain weight.

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what kind of editor are you using? Minerva doesn’t give much other than editing values, and that only goes so far.

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I mean it.
The game’s coding is that simple.

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dang, I guess I gotta fiddle around with it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m late, but the general idea is that you get a couple things in your inventory, preferably stuff you don’t care too much about, then save, open the save in Minerva, then poke around in the inventory.
In there, you can see the code for all the items laid out pretty clearly, and you can change the stats on things pretty easily.

Most of the info is pretty straightforward, there’s things like “does this go away when you eat it?” followed by a true or false toggle, so to make an air pump, you’d change, say, an apple to not disappear when used, then change the name to “air pump”, the description to something like “used to inflate tires on bicycles”, and change the calories to zero, then change the use line to “you insert the pump’s hose up your bum, pump it a few times, then pat your larger belly” or something.


are you using a certain version of minerva? I can’t seem to fiddle with as many values as you’re listing…

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I would love to see a modded and expanded version.
New items, new enemies, new gluttonous hijinks.
If the original author is cool with that, that is.

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I’d love to see what can be brought to this~!

Man, this was years ago, I have no clue.

you sir are the man who jumpstarted the revival

Hey there. Now, I downloaded the source code for Fatty Text Adventure, but apparently, I can’t edit it, since Adobe Flash was discontinued back in January 2021. What should I do?

i have no idea, at this point it is probally better to work from scratch in html or unity

I wonder if debug versions of adobe flash would work for this at all. Some of those ones seemed unaffected by this whole discontinuation.